Vigitech Solutions

For GPS trackers

We will now be able to see where our boats are all the time, thanks to the generous donation of 4 GPS trackers and service subscriptions to run them. They have been donated by They have a variety of trackers suitable for boats - please give them your custom if you're in the market for one. The trackers mean that if we have a veteran in need of help on a boat, we will know exactly where it is. Thanks, Vigitech Solutions, for giving us that peace of mind.

Ares, for his DIY donation

Supporter, Ares, from Northern Ireland wanted help do up one of our boats. As we don't have one in Northern Ireland, he's sent us a whole load of DIY goodies. Thanks, Ares!

Joy for her out-board motor

Thanks a million, to the very generous, Joy. She's donated us a brand new, 15bhp, Tohatsu outboard motor. This is going to be a huge help.

Glyn & Barbara - for their huge donation!

The donators of our 4th boat - Daisy

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