IMPORTANT; much as we'd like to have a boat for every veteran who would like to live on one, we just can't do that. In order to be considered for one of our boats, a person needs to be a veteran, homeless - that is not living a fixed abode for which they pay a rent, and under the care of a recognised service charity. That charity must recommend the veteran to us and undertake to continue their care and support  while they are living on one of our boats. 

So how did we come about?

In July 2021, a member of the abandoned boats group on Facebook, Andy Flint,  came up with an idea. And the idea struck a chord in the community on the cut and rivers.

Andy put a post on Facebook, proposing river and canal users, boat owners and businesses  use our combined knowledge and skills to restore a boat and give it to a homeless ex service person. 

The response in the other groups was phenomenal, and in just days, through others willing and generosity, we had a locked secured yard to work on the boat and a company willing to transport the boat to and from any part of the country for free.
In less than a week we had been donated out 1st narrowboat. By April 2023, we had 6.

The charity, The Veterans Support Association have now thrown their weight behind us, so we can work in partnership with them to place the finished boats in the right place. The Royal British Legion have also offered to support out boats and the veterans on them.

We have enough people power to get it restored but would love all the help we could get. 

If you would like to get involved but won't be able to be "hands on" - if you are able, a donation towards any licensing, insurance and so on, for boats we restore, would be much appreciated. You'll find a link to donate at the foot of the Home page and on the bar at the top.

Do get in touch if you can help - either on the email link above, via our Facebook page messenger, or by What'sApp.

If you have a boat you might like to donate, please contact Andy via or
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