16 Jun

Doing up NB Daisy

NB Daisy is a 70 ft narrowboat, generously donated to us, and in need of some TLC. She's a grand old gal, who was built in 1921 - so she's seen some things! She was commissioned by TSR Elliotts, as a coal butty, working out of Birmingham and Wolverhampton. She worked the cut, pulled by a horse, until 1966, when she was used variously as storage and housing. In 1985 she was sold privately and became a holiday boat.

We'll need some help getting her insides shipshape as she needs a total re-fit, in areas like the bath/shower room.

If you can do a bit of carpentry, handle a sander, weald a paintbrush or heave stuff to the tip, do get in touch. Email - Lizzie@forcesvetsafloat.co.uk

March 2023 -
After Daisy took on a bit of water at Hanbury, we decided to get her out of the water. She's now on hardstanding at Droitwich Spa Marina. We've had her looked at by a welder, while we had the chance, and are waiting for a quote to have a couple of spots sorted.

April 2023
We have covered Daisy's roof in tarpaulins, as there was some water coming in, in places. We've known this for some time but having her out of the water has allowed us to see this more clearly! Another job for the list - and quite an urgent one.

May 2023
Neil the welder has started work on the areas around Daisy's stern which we'd like fixed before she goes back in to the water. It looks worse than it is - honest!

We have now had a fantastic donation of steel, to fix Daisy's hull! It's the wonderful gift of veterans and narrowboat owners, Colin and Sarah Philipson, who we really can't thanks enough! 

The stern did look really ratty - it's so much better now!

Daisy's engine's not running and isn't a priority at the moment - so we have had a bracket made, so an outboard can be attached,  to give her a bit of power when she can't be towed.

January 2024

Daisy  needs a new bathroom and her wiring attended to.  It's hoped to tackle this before she comes back up to Sawley, later in the year.

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