16 Jun

We're very fond of our amazing old gal but at 103 and having taken on a bit too much water for a lady her age - we have launched an appeal to raise funds for the work which needs doing to her.

We need new batteries, new wiring, a new shower room,  a fridge and a cooker as as well as getting rid of a quantity of rust which she is carrying inside and needs dealing with before the damage becomes to much.

So - apart from kindly donating some of the above items, yes, please - if you're offering, this is how you can help.

Put your name, that of a loved one, or both - on a plaque, which will go on Daisy's side.

It can be to remember your or someone else's armed forces or blue light service, to mark a special occasion, or just because you respect our armed forces or love narrowboats and canals.  We don't mind - we just need the money!

This is the kind of thing which one of our supporters has already requested;

The sign measures 20cm by 15cm, and you can choose from  brushed aluminium In either gold,  silver or bronze.  

The cost is £30.

To buy your plaque   - either message us via our Facebook page, on this website, or WhatsApp 07956 082162 with your inscription and use this link to pay; 


Thanks for your help - please encourage as many people as possible to get their name on board.

* The email will not be published on the website.