FVA Wristbands
We need a bit of cash to get things done to the FVA boats, that we're struggling to get donated. 
So we thought "What about having a Forces Vets Afloat wrist band to sell?" 

A bunch of ex-forces blokes known to Lizzie, who does our admin, offered to pay for them - only catch, they had to be black!

 They say "Forces Vets Afloat" on one side and "Keeping heads above water" on the other. 

We have large and small ones.

We are pricing them at £2 - with £1  P & P  - so FVA will make 2 pounds a band. 

Please email us with your name, address and order, and we'll contact you for payment. @forcesvetsafloat@gmail.com, use the contact form on here or drop us a message via Facebook

Thanks to Bricks, Pickle, Bronk, Shep and Tank for the donation!

We are hoping to bring out a tri-coloured band early next year,